Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remember all those things we heard from our mothers while we were growing up that we swore we'd never say to our own children? The things that drove us crazy, made us mad as hell, and somehow eventually turned us into mothers who now realize how lucky we are to have heard them and use those same phrases with our kiddos?

I have some favorites, ones I seem to say most, ones that hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Thanks Mom, for giving me an arsenal of tried and true Mom-isms :)

Well it didn't just grow legs and walk away
I bet I say this at least once a day, usually in a frustrated and low volume voice while looking for a lost glove, jacket, backpack, etc. This is my fall back when one of my angels is just positive that they put whatever we're in search of "right here". Let's face it - if they'd put it right there we wouldn't be looking for the item! Unless, of course, it grew legs and walked away.

Did you look with your Ray Charles glasses on?
One of my Mom's all time favorites! This is best said when a child has screamed "Mom, MOM! I can't find it ANYWHERE!" and you locate the toy/book/shoe within 60 seconds. I say this a lot when someone can't seem to find what they are looking for in the fridge.

All God's children want something, honey
My stand-by response to the endless I want requests. Mom, I want a pony that lives in my room; Mom, I want an iPod touch; Mom, I want 12 new video games; Mom, I want candy for dinner and to stay up til midnight. There's usually no use in explaining the why of my resounding NO. Why get into a lengthy discussion of animal care, family finances and nutrition when you can say All God's children want something honey, give a hug/pat on the head/kiss and move on to other topics?

Even if your temperature is 105 and you are bleeding from the eyes, you are NEVER staying home from school again!
I heard this one when I was 7 and managed to convince my Mom I really wasn't faking and should stay home from school. Not completely sure and wanting to make sure I learned a lesson, Mom banished me to my bed to nap and read because I was w-a-y too sick to do anything else. Well, let's just say that little girls too sick for school shouldn't jump on the bed, grab the curtains to steady themselves and then end up pulling the curtain rod and pieces of drywall out of the wall........I didn't ask to stay home or call home sick again until junior high.

It's okay if you don't like me, I'll ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
This is the one that made me see red. When all I wanted was to push Mom's buttons or make her feel bad for punishing me she said this in the most sugary, sincere voice. UGH! Now that I'm a mom I completely understand why she said it - it was the truth and she knew it would make me mad! Plus, there's no good smart mouth come back for that statement. ;) The more serious side of this saying is that my Mom knew it was important that I knew without a doubt that she would love me when I was happy, sad, mad or bratty - that is the one thing every child deserves to believe with all their heart.

And my very, very favorite of all-time:
Turn down that tribal voodoo war s#@& music NOW!
I think she said it once and oh, the laughing that ensued! My siblings and I nearly wet ourselves when we heard that one. She wasn't meaning to be funny - she really meant every word she said - but who wouldn't laugh at their Mom yelling that?! Twenty years later, uttered from my lips, it sent my kids into fits of giggles :)

Hopefully reading my short list has sparked memories of your Mom's famous lines. Don't forget to thank her for passing on her gems of motherly wisdom!

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