Sunday, November 7, 2010

I promised a lighter subject matter post, and I don't break my promises :)

Over the course of 13 years of parenting, I have been a witness to things done and said that leave me breathless from laughing so hard. It's like having a caravan of comedians living with me, except they usually have no clue why what they said is hysterical - and we all know that's a big part of why it's so funny! I try to make sure I jot down these gems when a kiddo says one, but some are so good they will be stuck in my head for all of eternity. While I don't use my childrens' names in my posts, tonight I'll use an initial. Although, any of you who actually have spent time with my brood could probably guess who said what....

"I thinked it would be happy, but it was NOT!" (C. age 3) This is the response my mother got when asking "why on earth would you try to flush a wooden block down Mommaw's potty?" Loosely translated: It seemed like a good idea at the time and I thought it would be funny - now, I'm thinking nope, it wasn't either of those.

"Owww! He just hit me in my tentacals!" (N. age 5) All I'm going to say is that I really tried teaching the proper terms for body parts.....obviously 5 was a little too young for some of them.

"Why are they making us learn Spanish, anyway? I already speak English goodly!" (S. age 7) Why yes, that was very goodly English, honey! Make sure you ask Mrs. H your question today so she knows just how well you know English, okay? Poor Mrs. H - I hope she didn't bite off her tongue or have a heart attack ;)

"For the truth, you mean? I really wanted to know if it would fit. It does, but it doesn't fit back out." (A. age 4) This is the answer the ER doc got when asking why he put a bead up his nose. Apparently, this is a pretty common answer to the question.....

"Leaves turn red in Fall and 2+2=4. I'm so glad God made me genius." (R. age 4) No self esteem issues here....little man was quite proud of his knowledge and thankful for its source :)

"Are you going to make any dinner or just stay sitting there? I'm starving." (C. age 6) My precious baby asked me this while I was sitting on the kitchen floor doing Lamaze breathing at 35 weeks prego with number 5. And yes, in between some serious contractions I did get the little monster, I mean angel, a decent dinner!

"You can't! No parents partner with their kid's school, except maybe in Mexico!" (N. age 13) Want to see a teenager have a Come to Jesus moment? Tell them you're going to meet with his teachers and principal to discuss how you can help with his academic development and study skills. Nuff said.....and oh, how the grades began improving QUICKLY.

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