Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy weekend friends! We made it through another week :) It was a little iffy at times, but we managed to make it through pretty much unscathed.

I'm sure you all know what happens tomorrow. After spending some crazy amount of money on costumes, accessories and enough candy to keep dental offices booked through April, mothers everywhere will spend the daylight hours holding the threat of NO trick-or-treating over their children's heads in order to get bedrooms clean, homework done and  maintain peace between siblings. We will force some kind of healthy (or at least semi-healthy) dinner upon our kiddos with the hope that it will somehow counteract the twenty pounds of candy they will be hauling home in pillow cases later that night.

The chants of "Is it time YET?" will start by noon. And when the evening arrives we will be chasing our broods down saying "Are you getting in your costume or not?! If we don't get ready now you'll miss the whole thing!" There will be multiple vain attempts at taking a picture that captures how incredibly scary/cute/fantastic they are in their Halloween garb with an eventual sigh by Mommy as she concedes it just ain't gonna happen.... and then we'll send out our crew with warnings of "don't eat ONE thing until I've checked it!!"

We will put on our best Mommy smiles while we answer the ringing doorbell. We'll ooh and ahh over the neighborhood kids costumes and give them handfuls candy, saving the "good stuff" for the kids we really like ;) And after about an hour we'll be counting down the minutes anxiously awaiting the end of the ringing doorbell.

We'll drag our own kids back home amidst complaints of not having nearly enough candy yet. We'll start the pj process, make-up removal and sorting of candy. We'll say they can each have 3 pieces of their candy haul knowing that somehow that will end up being 30 pieces. And when they are sufficiently full of sugar and excitement over their newly gained goodies we will utter the fateful words.....Bed Time!

We'll tuck our monsters, goblins, superheros and princesses into bed, knowing that in reality they are angels we are so blessed to have in our lives. We'll peek in after a bit to make sure they are in dreamland, safe and secure under warm blankets. And when we are sure each one is fast asleep, we'll dive into their candy like we are 10 years old again and enjoy the fruits of their labor :)

Yeah, while I'm sneaking Baby Ruth's from various candy stashes I'll be thinking Halloween isn't so bad.....

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