Monday, October 25, 2010

In My Spare Time...

Well boys and girls, I've decided to give the whole blogging thing another shot. Mostly this is for selfish reasons. I enjoy writing, and I especially enjoy free flow, off the top of my head, let me tell you about MY day writing. My hope is to keep you wonderful followers entertained and informed about the lives of the Owens brood.

WARNING: I have been known to use sarcasm - ok, so I frequently use sarcasm in my communication if we're being honest. At some point I may offend you; I apologize in advance and invite you to let me know about my (probably) inadvertent offense. You should be aware that there could be intermittent doses of whining in my posts. Don't knock it - sometimes a good whine, accompanied by a good wine, is the best therapy! If you're ok with all the above, please subscribe and enjoy :)

You should know from the get-go that this house is usually a crazy, loud place. It is always a loving place, providing respite from the crazies who live outside our four walls. You'll read about funny things my kiddos say and do, the not-so-funny things they do, and how we manage to keep our heads above the broth while we swim with letters like ASD, ADHD, and OCD.

So, grab a life jacket if you need one and jump into my Alphabet Soup! Swimming is always more fun with friends :)

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