Friday, December 24, 2010

When God Created Special Ed Teachers...

I have read many times the story of the angel asking God about the many attributes he gave to mothers. Stealing the idea, this is the conversation I believe God had with the angel when he created the Special Ed teacher.

"God you've taken a lot of time with this one. Why has it taken you so long to create her? What is it that makes this one so special?"

"Oh Angel, THIS one must be perfect! She will tend to my extra special children. She will be a Special Education teacher."

"God, you've already created the teacher. Do you really have to make another? How is this one different?"

"Angel, this is the person who will teach the children my other teachers believe are unteachable. She will have a voice sincere, gentle and loving that still commands the respect and love of her students. Her smile will be genuine and light up a room."

"But God, you have already made that person I have seen her myself."

 "Yes dear one, but this one will have an endless amount of patience for repeating lessons and teaching social skills. She will maintain order in what others see as a chaotic environment. She will be screamed at yet never lose her temper. She will help my children conquer their fears and learn self dependence."

"Angel, this one will be one of my finest works ever! She will understand why a child is upset when the rest of the world sees only bad behavior. She will have a never ending supply of positive words, hugs and creative solutions to the problems my extra special children encounter."

"God, is that why you have made her heart so large? So that she can do all these things with love?"

"Yes Angel, but she will do SO much more! She will listen to the parents of the children she teaches as they cry, talk them through their frustrations and fears and be one a parent trusts completely with their child. You see Angel, these parents know they have been blessed with the gift of an extra special child and they do not trust others to care for them easily."

"Heavenly Father, are you sure you want to expect so much from one teacher? It seems like her life will be difficult and demanding - well beyond the normal difficult and demanding, actually."

"Yes my Angel, but I have given her FAITH and STRENGTH in huge quantities. She is by far one of my most resilient and tough creations. She will stand up and fight for her students with a boundless amount of determination and ferocity. She will advocate for 'her' children with every breath, sometimes in a room where no one else will join her in the fight. She will believe in each child's unique ability to succeed, and most importantly, she will teach THEM to believe in their ability to succeed!"

"WOW! You've outdone yourself this time God! What a miraculous creature!"

"Dearest Angel, do you not see yourself in my creation?"

"What? I don't understand...."

"Angel, her most important feature is her HEART. I have given her an angel's heart."

THANK YOU to every teacher, aide and therapist who teaches my children, mentors and guides me and has become a friend I cherish. When God created you he broke the mold :)

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